Harnesses and helmets

Harnesses and helmets are two fundamental components of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), essential to ensure the safety of workers in a wide range of work contexts.

Harnesses are devices that ensure workers when operating at high altitudes. They consist of belts, bands and connectors that are worn by the worker and connected to safe anchorage points.

Helmets, on the other hand, are designed to protect the workers’ heads from the risks of collisions, falling objects and blows. They are made of impact resistant materials and often feature an internal suspension system to absorb and distribute the energy generated by shocks. Helmets are indispensable in environments such as construction sites, industrial sites and areas where there are risks of falling materials or objects.

Together, harnesses and helmets, they ensure a safe working environment and comply with workplace safety regulations. The correct selection, use and maintenance of these PPE are essential to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace.

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  • Ultra-light and durable ABS safety helmet

    Safety helmet made of ABS

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  • PES work positioning belt for harness conforming to EN358

    Belt for positioning at work

    82,00 86,00  IVA esclusa
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  • imbracatura anticaduta con cordino, kit di sicurezza per il sollevamento

    Safety harness with rapid hook

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Showing all 3 results