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Mini gru vivaio piante su furgone 200 kili
Soltec lifting accessories are safe and CE certified! Our online shop offers a wide range of products and accessories for the lifting sector. Forklift hooks, lifting bands, outrigger pads, mini cranes, and other products!  Each lifting accessory is produced and tested according to the EU safety standards. Be safe while working with soltec accessories, our products guarantee the best efficiency and safety. Moreover, our payment methods are protected and safe for the purchaser. We delivers in whole Italy and also in Europe! Choose the best lifting accessory for your needs, we will do the rest!

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  • Lifting Hooks

    Lifting Hooks (2)

  • slings and lifting bands

    slings and lifting bands (10)

  • Other accessories

    Other accessories (2)

  • Lifting beam, for cranes on construction sites, industrial workshops and in the construction field

    Lifting beam

    Sale! 980,00  IVA esclusa
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  • 1T Lifting bands

    1T Flat webbing sling

    11,00  IVA esclusa
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  • 2T Flat webbing slings (green)

    2T Flat webbing slings (green)

    Sale! 16,00  IVA esclusa
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  • 3T Flat webbing slings (yellow)

    3T Flat webbing slings (yellow)

    Sale! 24,00  IVA esclusa
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  • 4T Flat webbing slings (grey)

    4T Flat webbing slings (grey)

    Sale! 34,00  IVA esclusa
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  • 5T Flat webbing slings (red)

    5 ton Flat webbing sling red color

    Sale! 45,00  IVA esclusa
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  • 6T Flat webbing slings (brown)

    6T Flat webbing slings (brown)

    Sale! 60,00  IVA esclusa
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  • Anchoring belt

    Anchoring belt

    16,00  IVA esclusa
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  • Crane chain 1 leg

    Crane chain 1 leg

    42,00 71,00  IVA esclusa
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  • Crane chains 2 legs

    Crane chains 2 legs

    141,50 212,00  IVA esclusa
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  • 4 leg chain sling

    4 leg chain sling

    242,95 364,00  IVA esclusa
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  • Lashing with rapid hook

    Safety harness with rapid hook

    32,10  IVA esclusa
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  • Lifting hook type C

    Lifting hook type C

    22,00 145,00  IVA esclusa
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  • Omega shackle with screw pin

    Omega shackle with screw pin

    13,00 24,00  IVA esclusa
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  • Quick attach for baskets

    230,00  IVA esclusa
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  • Adaptation for man basket

    Adaptation for man basket

    373,00 420,00  IVA esclusa
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Showing all 16 results