Outrigger pads for cranes

Soltec Outrigger pads for cranes!

Soltec offers a wide range of outrigger pads for cranes! They are available in 4 different dimensions: 30×30 cm, 40×40 cm, 50×50 cm and 60×60 cm. The pads are produced in PE HD 1000 polyethylene and thanks to this material are very resistant. The pade are CE certified and each product is produced and tested according to all EU safety standards.  These pads are perfect to be put in Soltec outrigger pads cages: in each box you can put 2 pads! Choose the best Soltec pad for your nees and w will do the rest!

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  • Outrigger pads

    Outrigger pads

    27,00 79,00  IVA esclusa
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  • Universal cages for outrigger pads

    Universal cages for outrigger pads

    59,00 87,00  IVA esclusa
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  • Stabilizer pads without slot

    Stabilizer pads without slot

    Sale! 179,00  IVA esclusa
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  • Conical stabilizer pads for crane

    Conical stabilizer pads

    Sale! 35,00 59,00  IVA esclusa
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  • Polymer ground mat

    Polymer ground mat

    89,00 175,00  IVA esclusa
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  • Outrigger pads Outrigger pads crane

    Multicolor Outrigger pads

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Showing all 6 results