Containers and supports

Containers and supports for construction are key elements in ensuring the efficiency and safety of construction projects. These components offer practical and versatile solutions for the storage, transport and handling of construction materials, helping to optimise construction processes and guarantee the quality of the final work. Containers can take different shapes and sizes, adapting to the specific needs of the construction site. The supports, on the other hand, provide the necessary structure and stability to support architectural elements, installations and infrastructure.
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  • Contenitore in lamiera per cantieri ed officine, contenitore inforcabile con aggangiContenitore in lamiera per cantieri ed officine, contenitore inforcabile con aggangi

    Sheet metal box

    338,00  IVA esclusa
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  • Steel Pallet for Metal Plank 180x79x h115 cm 32 kg.

    Steel pallet for metal planks

    195,00  IVA esclusa
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  • Frame Scaffolding Storage Rack 19 and 40 pcs

    Steel pallet for scaffold frame

    310,00 335,00  IVA esclusa
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  • material-box

    Large mesh box

    1.290,00 1.305,00  IVA esclusa
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Showing all 4 results