Metal lifting box


Lifting bodies are fundamental devices in the field of material handling and lifting operations in various industrial and construction sectors. These components are designed to allow easy and safe transport of bulk materials, such as sand, gravel, debris and waste, both indoors and outdoors.
The lifting bodies are made of robust and resistant materials, such as steel or aluminum, that can withstand considerable weights and withstand the mechanical stresses typical of loading and unloading operations. They can be equipped with fixed or folding walls, as well as openings to facilitate loading and unloading of materials.

These devices are often mounted on lifting machines, such as cranes, front loaders or forklifts, which allow you to move the bodies efficiently and safely within a construction site or industrial area.

They are used in a wide range of applications, including building construction, land reclamation, waste management and material handling during infrastructure maintenance and restoration. For further information contact us at 0735/702346 or at

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  • Medium metal tool box with capacity 450 kg for storing work tools or equipment

    Medium metal tool box

    450,00  IVA esclusa
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  • Lifting mortar tub for construction site with hooks 300 lt

    Lifting mortar tub for construction site with hooks

    465,00  IVA esclusa
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  • Large tool box in sheet metal with side slots  Dimensions: 660x1800x640  Capacity: 600kg  Weight: 75 kg  Sheet metal thickness 1.5mm  painted blue

    Large metal tool box

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Showing all 3 results