Safety storage cabinets

Safety cabinets are essential components in many industrial, commercial and domestic contexts, designed to ensure the safe and secure storage of hazardous substances, sensitive materials or valuable goods. These cabinets are constructed of robust, fire-resistant materials and are equipped with secure locking systems, such as key or combination locks, to prevent unauthorized access.
Safety cabinets are widely used for the storage of chemicals, solvents, flammable liquids and hazardous materials in laboratories, workshops and industrial environments. They are designed to prevent dispersion, contamination or accidents and to ensure compliance with regulations on occupational safety and waste management.

In addition to protection against hazardous substances, security cabinets are also used to store sensitive documents, valuable equipment or sensitive electronic devices in offices, financial institutions and private homes. They can be equipped with additional features, such as adjustable shelves, internal drawers and specialized compartments, to better organize and protect the content. For further information contact us at 0735/702346 or at

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  • armadio di sicurezza per sostanze pericolose

    Tool security storage cabinet

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  • Armadio porta attrezzi

    Tool storage cabinet 300 kg

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