Trailer trolley

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Trailer trolley

Soltecshop offers the trailer trolley with hook and wheels for transport.
For indoor use, so as to make it easier for the operator to transport large loads by placing them inside the stainless steel platform.
This is a customised product.
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Trailer trolley

Soltecshop strives every day to find the most suitable way to make work easier for the operator. We have developed a trailer trolley with wheels and a hook for internal use so that you do not have to carry heavy loads.
This idea was born from the desire to make the operator’s work as easy as possible. With this practical accessory you can tow your loads, placing them inside the practical stainless steel trailer.
It can also be attached to any tractor source, making it easier to transport loads.
This is a product that can be customised, request a quote now and contact us for more information!
Please note that this trailer trolley is meant for internal use and cannot circulate on the road.

Why should you choose Soltec products?

All our products are synonymous with quality and safety! Our wide range of accessories and spare parts complies with EU regulations, both in the production phase and in the mandatory testing phase.
Here at Soltec, safety comes first, because your safety is ours!
Do not hesitate to contact us to ask for further product information. We ship all over Italy and Europe and guarantee reliable payment methods!

Our equipment is designed, engineered and manufactured by Team Soltec!

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  1. Italian

    Fratelli Ferretti srl

    questo carrello facilita moltissimo il lavoro per movimentare i carichi pesanti!!!

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