Horizontality control for baskets

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Level D pld certified card for baskets, horizontality control.

Diameter: 85 mm

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Horizontality control for baskets

Unbalance / tilt basket control card.
Level D pld certified card for baskets, horizontality control.

According to UNI EN ISO 13849-1 in performance level D
The outputs are:

  • Inclination + 5 °
  • Inclination + 10 °

By law:

  • exceeded the 5 ° degrees of inclination it must alarm the operator
  • exceeded 10 ° it must block every maneuver

With the addition of this card in case the inclination of the platform exceeds 5 ° it provides an alarm signal at the output.
If it exceeds 10 ° it provides an additional signal.

Alarm output: 10 ° / 10 ° (X / Y);
Delay: 0.3s

Pre-alarm output: 5 ° / 5 ° (X / Y);
Delay: 0.3s

Please mount the card vertically as in the direction of the writing.

Diameter: 85 mm

IDXYmP-ID3 MkII UNI PT C PLd_ NOT_ N 1 E PC SWZ C90 NNV 1 BPE Electronic

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